Styria, LLC offers a full spectrum of management services for operating a successful self storage facility. Depending on your need, we focus on several key aspects:

  • Property management:
    • Proven and effective policies and procedures for running a successful storage facility
    • Effective hiring combined with training for the storage team members
    • Ongoing monitoring of the physical needs of a facility
    • Additional customer services which separate us from other facilities
  • Revenue management:
    • Annual customer rate adjustments depending on the economy situation and the market
    • Monitoring of competitor rates and their specials
    • Additional income generated through packing supply sales, unit locks and truck rentals
  • Marketing:
    • Reviewing the market and recommending the right tools to advertise your facility depending on your budget
    • Ongoing advertising through internet search engines, direct mail, newspapers, radio and local TV stations
    • Training the team members to the highest standard in sales
    • “We think outside the bun.” Our philosophy which makes our facilities different.
    • Monitoring market results and discuss with owners the effectiveness of the different marketing tools

We believe in aggressive, strategic marketing and highest level of customer service. Especially during an economic downturn, marketing is one of the most important parts to keep a facility successful up and running.